Thursday, February 19, 2009

My progress

I'm making pretty good progress on my McKinley (I've really got to come up with a better name!).

The living room is virtually decorated now - floors, wallpaper and molding are done. Just needs curtains and then a LOT more furniture!

The 2 cats names are Albert and Victoria. Victoria is the cat on the floor, and Albert (always in trouble) is on the table. I just hope Victoria doesn't decide to join him and knock the roses off the table! And their long suffering doggy friend hasn't got a name yet!

The bedroom is looking pretty good, still more work to do on the molding though - I need to finished the chair rail. Then, of course, the bed needs dressing and the windows need curtains. Do you notice a theme here? All the fabric projects still to do! I love fabrics, and I have a pretty good stash, but I can never find that 'perfect' piece!

And here's a final picture of the whole house. As you can see - still a lot of work to do! I am pretty slow my most people's standards I guess. I only get an hour or 2 each evening to work on minis. And then I have to pack everything up after I've finished and lock it away in a child-proof cabinet!!! A bit of a pain, but I really don't need my 3 year old 'helping' me!!!

Right off to do mini-ing. Tonight actually I'm working on making a bobbin lace-making pillow and stand. My mom is a bobbin lace maker and saw a mini pillow and stand that she fell in love with at Ron's Miniature's in Orlando, but it was $140. So I thought I could try and make her one! We'll see how it goes... !!!


  1. I like your house and it is coming along very well. Dont worry about being slow - that is the beauty of the hobby. You work on it when you feel like it. There is no time limit and that way you can extend the enjoyment.

  2. Wonderful work in progress. I really must get my doll house uncovered and finished. I've only had it about 20 years!