Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome Sylvia

Thanks for joining us Sylvia. She has a great blog with lots of wonderful photos... unfortunately I can't understand the writing. But the pictures are amazing! I love her 'dirty' roombox (the photo on the title of her blog, more photos in her blog). It looks so lifelike!

Now I promise that I have been doing mini work! Just nothing too inspiring at the moment. The kitchen is nearly finished (photos of that soon I promise). I've been in an 'anyhow' mood lately. I just can't seem to commit to one particular thing! Today I made another House of Miniatures chair to match the one I made a few weeks ago, and worked on a fabric skirt to go around a window seat in the kitchen of the McK. After that I did a bit of work on window frames, but that was pretty much it. I did take the top and bottom apart of a Michael's $1 hutch - I wanted to use the bottom part as a counter in the kitchen. But it just doesn't look right - too cheap looking, so either I've got to work on it more (hhmmm) or toss it!

Just 'busy' work, not really accompishing anything. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel more motivated.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nothing new...

Nothing new to report I'm afraid. I'm busy plugging away at the McKinley. I've got the wood floors done in the kitchen and bathroom now (everywhere is done now except the attic). Working on the walls in the kitchen. It took me a few days to decide what to do - I'm doing wood panels on the lower half and wallpaper above. Not much to show right now, so I'll post pix when I'm finished!

Here's some pictures of a refurb I bought off Craigslist for $25 (including furniture). I'm not sure if it was a good deal, but it's cheaper than a new kit!! There's a lot of work to do on it, new exterior trim, windows, roof, everything inside....!! I bought it a good few months ago, but I don't want to start on it until the McK is further along - I'm not good at multitasking (yes... I know, and me with 2 little kids!).

It's a Greenleaf Country House. I think I'm going to do it as an English pub. I've already got a bar and some benches for it. I'm probably going to thatch the roof - I've got some coconut matting for that. Lots of ideas, so I can't wait to start on it!!! But I'm being good and resisting...!!

Also... I hope everyone has seen that Greenleaf has annouced their Spring Fling contest model. It's very unusual! Not sure if I'm going to get one, it will depend on the price (hoepfully find that out tomorrow). Anyway go to for more info.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sisterhood Award

Well thank you to Casey, Doreen, MiniKat and Brenda for my award!!! This one seems to be flying around at the moment! It seems like everyone that I admire already has this award. I can't go through my whole blog list right now, so this is just dedicated to everyone that hasn't got it already! (Cop out I know!).

Welcome Jean & Minna

A big welcome to 2 new followers - Jean and Minna

I'm a huge fan for Jean Day's work! I'm so pleased she has found my blog! She has a wonderful website (Jean Day) and a blog and also has lots of free printies - here!!!

And welcome Minna, she has a great blog with lots of photos of her work - love the doilies! Minna

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wonderful Day

I had such a wonderful day yesterday.

Firstly it was Saturday so that means my husband gets up with the children and I get to stay in bed for an extra hour or 2 (heaven!). But I didn't stay in bed for long as I had my first... MINI WORKSHOP to go to!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We made these adorable Pygmy Palms (or Parlor Palms). I'm going to put my one in the bay window in the living room of the McKinley.

The teacher, Marilyn (sorry, don't know her last name, but she's from South Florida and does trees and palms), was wonderful. She gave us so much help and sooo many ideas! The palms are made from weeds... yes, dried up foxtail seed heads! The trunk of the palm is coated with ground pepper! How she thought these up I've no idea!

We had the workshop at the club house of one of our members. Her community is RIGHT across the street from Edison Mall!! So while we were waiting for the glue to dry we all went to the mall for an hour and a half. Now this was a real treat for me! I NEVER go to the mall, and never on my own! I even went to my favorite store - Lush - that sells handmade cosmetics and bath smellies. Then back to the club house to finish the palm.

We finished by about 1.30pm, I didn't want to go home at that point as that is nap time and I didn't want to wake the kids up opening the doors etc. So I went to Joanns for a little while. Didn't get much, just some wood circles, wire etc. But again it was such a treat to walk around all on my own and look at everything! I got lots of new ideas!!!

After that I STILL didn't feel like going home, so I went to the library for a bit. And once again, this was a real treat - we go to the library pretty much every week, but I never get to look at the grown-up books! I got 2 books on minis and 1 about making miniature fleece dogs... out of real dog hair!!! Not sure if I'm going to try it, but it's fun to look through. Oh and I got Margaret Grace's first book - 'Murder in Miniature'. I need a new 'bedtime' book, so hopefully this will be worth the read.

When I got home hubby and the kids were out, the house was a bit messy, but it could have been worse (and normally is!). By the time I had finished tidying up they got home... with presents for me!!! A BEAUTIFUL orchid (my other passion) that hubby and Jack had picked out for me, and (drum roll please).... lamb chops for dinner!!! This might seem a very odd presents, but I LOVE lamb! But it's just too expensive for us to have it, we maybe have it twice a year! So we got the kids to bed and had a wonderful meal. A perfect end to a perfect day!

PS. Jack, my 3 year old, was very sweet and kept asking me if I liked my presents because it was from him and Daddy. He was so proud that he had got me a present!

Another award

Thank you so much to Doreen from Doreen's Miniatures.

This is a tricky award as you have to pass it onto 15 people. It really is an honor to receive it, but I've decided not to pass it on. All the bloggers I love have already got this award, and pretty soon we'll run out of time for blogging or mini-ing, as we'll have to spend all our time sending awards to each other!!!

If you want to see who I really admire go to 'My Favorite Blogs' list on the right to see all them all!
3 new friends have joined us. So welcome to:
Karin F, she has a mini blog - Mini Ramblings and More - is is currently turning the Greenleaf Orchid kit into a Sewing Emporium! Lots of fun!
Minikat - she also has a great miniature blog - Little Thoughts from An Average Mind. Some great idea candy on her site - I love her little cakes!
And lastly Liberty Biberty. A great mini blog - Liberty Biberty - she has made some very cute things!!! And I agree with her about children! They all seem well behaved until 5pm when you are trying to cook dinner!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An Award!!!

Oh... I've won an award for my blog! How very exciting! It was from MiniMaker who has a great blog with videos of miniatures - eye candy and tutorials! I just love her blog!!!!

The rules state that I must list 5 things that I'm addicted to, and pass the award along to 5 blogs I admire, and they must do the same.

So 5 things I'm addicted to....:
1. Well, of course, miniatures!!!! Goes without saying (but I said it...).
2. The internet (I should really be in bed by now!)
3. My kids (I have to say that don't I!!)
4. Saving Money - my other passion is coupons, and hunting out sales!
5. My dogs! I just love them to pieces!

My fav 5 blogs... that is really hard! Most of the blogs i love have already got this award, so I know they will hate me for sending it to them again!!! But I'm going to just this once... sorry!!!!
1. Casey's Minis - I have to have my daily dose (I'm addicted!)!!!
2. Tiny Treasures
3. Nikki's Witch and Wizard Miniatures
4. Fluffy Bricks
5. Doreen's Miniature Projects

I could go on and on... as I love all the mini blogs I follow!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An idea...

I'm getting a great response to my bobbin lace pillow (see a couple of posts down - Pillow Talk) that I posted pictures of on Greenleaf's miniature's forum (Greenleaf). So now I'm getting the idea that I really do want to start making them to sell. Seems like there is a small (pardon the pun!) market for them.

Now where do I get more fancy toothpicks from? I... errr... 'liberated' the ones I used for this pillow from a restaurant. I guess I should buy my own!!!!

Oh and I realized that I never posted this photo. It's a picture of my daughter, Annie, on her 1st birthday with the box for the McKinley (her birthday present!). And yes, she is crying in the photo. I don't think she was very impressed!!!!

Mini Friends

Last night I went to the meeting of the local miniatures club. It's only the second meeting I've been to, but already I love going! It's a great bunch of ladies (I am the youngest, but I don't care!), and we have a great time! Last night we made mini African Violets in a pots. My first go at making plants, and I really enjoyed it! (Yes, I need to clean the glue off the edges of the pot!)

Also I was lucky enough to win the door prize. I got a wonderful little dinner - sliced ham, asparagus and mashed potatoes... all in miniature of course! Good enough to make your mouth water! The only down side to winning, is that I have to provide the door prize for next week - not sure what I'll take. I haven't been doing minis long enough to have a 'stash' to dig through. So I'm going to have to make something - gulp! anyone got any suggestions for something easy but impressive I can make???!! HELP!!!!!

Some new followers have joined us. So welcome and come on in to:
Pussman who has 2 blogs - Pussmanstuffies and Pussman & Co
Taenia who has a mini blog - Taenias Miniatures - lots of great tutorials!

Pillow Talk

I finally got my mother's miniature bobbin lace pillow finished!!! It's the first project I've made from scratch with no instructions or tutorial to follow - so it is ALL my own work! Have to say I'm pretty pleased with myself!!!!

If you're not familiar with what bobbin lace pillows look like (most people aren't!), then take a look at this site - Beginners Guide to Lacemaking. Lace pillows are generally blue (like on this website) or green like the one I've made. My mom prefers green ones, so that's what she got!! The number of bobbins on a pillow is determined by the complexity of the pattern. The little piece of lace on my mini pillow is pretty basic, so doesn't need very many bobbins.

This is a photo of it in my dollhouse (next to my HOM chair, that I finally finished off with trim). The bobbins are made from the tops of fancy cocktail sticks, the pillow is a wooden disk, with padding on top covered in fabric. The cover cloth (the one that hangs down the front slightly) was soaked in a water/glue mixture then held in place, so it has a more natural looking hang to the fabric (not the 'flying in the wind look). I made the wooden stand out of a stair case spindle and carved the little feet myself.

My mom is really pleased with it and can't wait to take it home to show all her friends. She returns to England tomorrow (after 5 weeks here), so I got it finished just in time!!! We're going to miss her!

My mom is also trying to convince me to make mini lace pillows to sell. I really don't know if there is much of a market for them - lace isn't particularly popular right now. However for a house to be truly Victorian it would have a lace pillow somewhere in the house! We did actually see some for sale at Ron's Miniature's in Orlando, but they were $140!!!! that's what gave me the idea to make one!!!