Tuesday, March 3, 2009

An idea...

I'm getting a great response to my bobbin lace pillow (see a couple of posts down - Pillow Talk) that I posted pictures of on Greenleaf's miniature's forum (Greenleaf). So now I'm getting the idea that I really do want to start making them to sell. Seems like there is a small (pardon the pun!) market for them.

Now where do I get more fancy toothpicks from? I... errr... 'liberated' the ones I used for this pillow from a restaurant. I guess I should buy my own!!!!

Oh and I realized that I never posted this photo. It's a picture of my daughter, Annie, on her 1st birthday with the box for the McKinley (her birthday present!). And yes, she is crying in the photo. I don't think she was very impressed!!!!


  1. Hi Sasha, pop on over to my blog, there is an award waiting for you!
    Mini Hugs,

  2. Oh bless her heart. She doesn't look impressed.

  3. I love the bobbin lace pillow! It's the coolest mini I've seen in a while. :-)

  4. Oh and yes, there is a market for mini lace pillows. There's even a miniature needlework guild here. I will contact a friend of mine and find out how to contact them if you like.

  5. Oh, thank you MiniKat - I'm a bit slow with my comments at the moment. My computer just doesn't like Blogger right now!