Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome Sylvia

Thanks for joining us Sylvia. She has a great blog with lots of wonderful photos... unfortunately I can't understand the writing. But the pictures are amazing! I love her 'dirty' roombox (the photo on the title of her blog, more photos in her blog). It looks so lifelike!

Now I promise that I have been doing mini work! Just nothing too inspiring at the moment. The kitchen is nearly finished (photos of that soon I promise). I've been in an 'anyhow' mood lately. I just can't seem to commit to one particular thing! Today I made another House of Miniatures chair to match the one I made a few weeks ago, and worked on a fabric skirt to go around a window seat in the kitchen of the McK. After that I did a bit of work on window frames, but that was pretty much it. I did take the top and bottom apart of a Michael's $1 hutch - I wanted to use the bottom part as a counter in the kitchen. But it just doesn't look right - too cheap looking, so either I've got to work on it more (hhmmm) or toss it!

Just 'busy' work, not really accompishing anything. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel more motivated.

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  1. Thank you sasha,
    There is a translate button on the site, when it doesn't work you can copy the adresseline from the site in Google and search, than you have also the choise to translate.
    greeting Sylvia