Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mini Friends

Last night I went to the meeting of the local miniatures club. It's only the second meeting I've been to, but already I love going! It's a great bunch of ladies (I am the youngest, but I don't care!), and we have a great time! Last night we made mini African Violets in a pots. My first go at making plants, and I really enjoyed it! (Yes, I need to clean the glue off the edges of the pot!)

Also I was lucky enough to win the door prize. I got a wonderful little dinner - sliced ham, asparagus and mashed potatoes... all in miniature of course! Good enough to make your mouth water! The only down side to winning, is that I have to provide the door prize for next week - not sure what I'll take. I haven't been doing minis long enough to have a 'stash' to dig through. So I'm going to have to make something - gulp! anyone got any suggestions for something easy but impressive I can make???!! HELP!!!!!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun, Sasha. I have one real life mini-friend but I wish we could find more so we could have a club.

    I'll be thinking "easy but impressive" and will let you know if I get any good ideas.

  2. It is nice to have mini friends! It saves having to explain to people why you like playing with dollhouses!!!!!

    Anything you can think of will be a great help!!!

  3. How about a nice set of framed pictures? I've found a lot of suitably-sized frames in the scrap-booking section of stores. You can also use jewellry findings for frames. You can find pictures online or in magazines. I'll keep thinking...

  4. I am a little bit jealous that you have this meetings in Your neighbourhood, I think nobody in Belgium bothers about dolls houses.
    I love the little plant!

  5. Hi Sasha

    I make miniature plants and I have to say that is splendid for a first attempt.

    How did you get the furry effect on the leaves...it looks really effective.

    Wow a week to make prizes....you need something quick as well as easy. Little birdhouses ?

    BTW, I am also English as is my hubby. He have been here 18 years and I've been here 5. We are both from Birmingham and now live in S. California.

    Your profile made me smile...I've not heard the phrase cheeky money in ages :-)


  6. On my blog recently, I did some masking tape plants. They are fairly easy and you could do those plants in a follow up to the african violet plant that you just learned.

  7. Jayne - I love saying Cheeky Monkey over here, my friends kinda understand what I mean, but they just don't fully get it!!! As for the fuzzy leaves - I have to confess, I don't know!! The lady that was running the meeting brought all the supplies with her - I believe it was a fabric type paper, a bit like fuzzy-felt.

    Thanks for all the ideas. I've actually got a month until the next meeting, so a bit of time to work on it. I just don't want to leave it until the last minute (like I do with everything else!).

  8. I thought you only had a week, too. How about one of your bobbin lace thingies? I don't know how new you are to minis or what kinds of skills you have so I'm having a hard time thinking of things you could make. But with a month, I'm sure you'll do fine with whatever you do.